Born and Raised in 
Our Community

Born and raised on Chicago’s West Side in public housing, Pamela was the youngest of eight children.  

The same type of strong family and community values she was raised with, she passed along to her two daughters.  

Pamela has been a committed mother to her daughters and taught them personal responsibility, dedication to their community and the values of respect and commitment. 

“I’m running for State Representative because we need advocates for the people, us.” 
- Pamela Reaves-Harris
Pamela Understands the Law 
and Our Community

Pamela understands the effects of laws written in Springfield by representatives who don’t understand the true impact of the law.

As an attorney, Pamela has dedicated much of her professional time to advocating and seeking to protect families in the courtroom.  

“I was raised in the community and understand the community’s needs. I am dedicated to working hard in moving this community forward” 
- Pamela Reaves-Harris
An Attorney Giving Back to Our Community

Pamela graduated from the Chicago Public School system and attended the University of Illinois, she earned her law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law. 

She has been licensed to practice law for over 21 years. As an attorney in private practice, Pamela has dedicated herself to the community.  In the past, she has offered free legal services to those in need.

"My education and training in the law is a result of the support of my community, and that is something I will never forget." 
- Pamela Reaves-Harris